Monday, November 29, 2010

Last 2 episodes! 14 &15

Well well! What a fight between Kate and Mark! Do you think she'll go with him back to London??? Would you????

Here are the final 2 episodes for the serial. Here's the audio for episode 14 and here are the written activities. Then finally Episode 15 audio and written tasks.

Hope you enjoyed the serial. Feel free to check out the blog in 2011 for the second series of The Road Less Travelled! I'll continue to post the episodes!

Happy listening!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 8

G'day all

As you know it's the last computer class for 2010. I'd like to thank you all for being very dedicated students this semester. You all worked very hard during the two hours in class and mostly completed all the tasks I set with very little need for direction from me! Well done!

I've put a little comment on each of your blogs so have a look! I wish you all the very best for next year in whatever you do.
On December the 25th, many Australians will celebrate the feast of Christmas. What does it mean? Why is it celebrated? Who is Santa Claus? What special foods are eaten? What are the traditions of this time? Do you celebrate the holiday where you come from? Do you have a similar holiday to this? As your final post you can do a Google search about this holiday and then write upan information report in your blog.

Finally, let's finish off by doing some listening. Listen to track 1 only. I couldn't isolate the track and spent HOURS trying to do so! Hope it all works now. Here is the link. Use the worksheets to answer the questions and complete the cloze!

I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. All the best to you all for 2011!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Episode 12 & 13

G'day again!
Well we're almost at the end now so today I'll give you the link for 2 episodes of the radio serial. Then the final two next week! Are you still enjoying ita? Have your listening skills improved since you started? I hope so!
Here you'll find the written exercises for Episode 12 and the audio is here!
The written activities for Episode 13 are here and you'll find the audio here.
Happy listening!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 7

G'day all

I can't believe that this is the second last blog post for the semester! Where has the time gone? It's a good time probably to reflect on what you've learnt in these sessions and to make suggestions for the future! Can you put a comment on today's post and tell what you've liked/disliked and suggest how I can improve the blog for students in 2011? Thanks!

By now you should have all finished the power point practice so I'm looking forward to you sharing your efforts with me! Good luck with your oral prsentations on Wednesday!

First activity today is a little assessment to see if you can follow instructions!!! Follow the instructions on the computer task sheet. The image you have to find and copy is of a 'koala'.

Last Thursday there were Pathways talks for students (None of you went I suppose!!!) who are completing their 510 hours or who have passed level 4 and moving on to higher English or mainstream courses. What are your plans for 2011? Today, I'd like you to write about your plans in your blog.

Then, have a listen to this podcast and answer the questions. When you have completed the worksheet activities you can work on what you're wearing and we'll record it! Write your description on paper first so it won't be too hard for you.

If you finish all that you can listen to The Road Less Travelled.

Happy blogging!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The RLT episode 11

G'day and welcome to the latest instalment of The Road Less Travelled.

Here for your enjoyment is the audio and written activities.

Happy listening!

Week 6

G'day all

Did you all sleep well last night? It was hot wasn't it? I was out in Cronulla until late and it was quite balmy! I had a very busy weekend. It was so busy I din't even get a chance to prepare the blog for you all!

I hope that today you can finish off the powerpoint presentations on your favourite animals! I'm looking forward to seeing them!

Didn't we have a good excursion last Tuesday? And the weather was good too so we were able to have our picnic in the park! Today, I'd like you to write a recount of the excursion in your blog. If you didn't take any photos, you can use some of mine if you wish! Have a look at the interviews that Fatima and Jing did. Can you listen and write down the questions they asked? If we have time we can do a few more interviews in class today!

Today is also a good chance for you to go through the checklist I gave you recently and make sure you are able to tick off more items on the list.

Happy blogging!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photos from excursion 09/11/10

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